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Unison (Enterprise CRM) goes live at Qatar Islamic Bank

By February 23, 2016 No Comments

QIB, Qatar’s first Islamic financial institution, is going live with Avanza’s Unison (Enterprise CRM). Unison enables QIB to automate their quality units, provide proactive customer service, better response time, and add synergy between different functions of the organization.

Unison is fast becoming the CRM solution of choice for Tier-1 banks in the region as it delivers consistent, accurate, and complete customer insights across marketing, sales, service, and social relations. With Unison QIB will be able to:

  • Consolidate fragmented information from multiple touchpoints
  • Gain complete visibility of each customer and their relationships through every channel and interaction
  • Provide a consistent experience for your customers across all channels
  • Enable agents to offer quick, personalized, and unified support across the growing number of customer service channels
  • Accelerate case resolutions by steering customer support issues across multiple teams and communication channels like phone, fax, and web

Unison’s flexibility allows banks to pick and choose modules based on the organization’s requirements and objectives, while providing the agility to add more components if the requirement grows or changes.

Jawad Qureshi, Head of Global Sales (Avanza), said: “Unison is designed to deliver a personalized, consistent, and high quality experience across all of the bank’s touchpoints. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also enables the bank to build a strong and lasting relationship with its customers. We’re confident that with Unison, QIB can reach even greater levels of customer service.”

A senior official from QIB said: “At Qatar Islamic Bank we strive to maintain high service standards so that we can delight our consumers at every level. For this we are delighted to have signed with Avanza Solutions for its flagship product Unison. With the software’s unique capabilities, we aim to develop stronger and longer lasting relationships with our consumers by being able to provide a superior and consistent service experience across all channels.”