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UBL Signs up for Avanza’s Nimbus Suite (ATM, Middleware & Card Production) for UBL International (UAE | Yemen | Qatar | Bahrain | Tanzania)

Centralized Multi-Institute ATM, Middleware, Card Management, and Reconciliation solutions will be implemented at UBL-UAE. The centralized implementation is aimed at managing ATM switching for multiple countries including UAE, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, and Tanzania.

Nimbus will be integrated with each country’s specific Core Banking System for end-to-end transaction processing. Further integration with the Country Switch will provide acquiring and issuing features on ATMs. This integration will also be extended with NI for issuing and acquiring VISA debit cards. The solution will support both card-based and cardless transactions for cash and cheque deposits. These services will be further extended for Home Remittances through UBL’s ‘TezRaftaar’ payments.

Centralized Card Management System will be implemented to export data imported from back-end systems that are used for production of personalized cards.

Centralized Reconciliation System will be implemented to reconcile transactions on local Core Banking, ATM Switch, Network International, and Country Switches.