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Avanza Solutions wows on Smarter Customer Experience at the Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2017

Kampala – Uganda, April 26th, 2017: Avanza Solutions presented the latest innovative additions to their customer experience management suite at the Innovation Africa Digital Summit held at the Speke Resort in Kampala, Uganda. The event brought together key decision makers from the banking, telecommunications and government verticals under one roof to highlight smarter solutions reshaping their relevant spaces.

At the event Mr. Waqas Mirza, MD & CMO – Avanza Solutions, spoke on Smarter Customer Experience. The talk covered how customer expected one view/experience across all their channels. This meant that organizations need to quickly evolve and move towards an omni-channel customer experience, one that embraced simplicity but gave organizations a better handle on their customer’s pulse.

Since its inception, Avanza Solutions has worked towards innovation and progress to become one of the few global solutions providers that demystifies new technologies to ensure that people work towards actual adoption. With that ‘forward philosophy’ in place It now serves over 350+ customers across 45+


countries with 17+ years of innovative software and product development.

Speaking to the media, Waqas Mirza said at the event, “These events are critical to the growth of innovation and technology for the African region, as they create opportunities for financial institutions, telcos, regulatory authorities, and technology providers to share ideas and establish a vision for a smarter future.”

For queries on payment solutions in the African region, feel free to reach out to Mr. Zeeshan Mazhar (Territory Manager – Avanza Solutions) at [email protected].