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Avanza Solutions joins hands with Gartner to develop innovative and forward looking solutions

By February 23, 2015 No Comments

Avanza signed with Gartner to enhance its research and new product initiatives with the latest industry insights and prevalent trends.

Avanza will capitalize on Gartner’s global presence, proven research methodologies, and industry insight to enhance its current products and services in terms of value, develop more streamlined processes to maximize efficiency, and push new initiatives out into the market swiftly.

The agreement focuses on augmenting research and product development to complement Avanza’s new product initiatives, enabling offerings that are ahead of the curve and more in touch with the changing business requirements of today.

The relationship will complement Avanza’s global presence, with the opportunity to explore and access new markets using Gartner’s global footprint. Furthermore, the strategic partnership will enable Avanza to jointly develop and validate plans to roll out new initiatives swiftly in the future.

Waqas Mirza, Managing Director, Avanza Solutions, said: “Insights, today, are more important than ever. In order to provide the best value you have to know your surroundings inside-out; our relationship with Gartner will give us the edge to refine our solutions even further. With access to Gartner’s insights and expert analysts, we are focusing-in on our target of providing the best information technology solutions in the market. With the regionalized trends, we can expand our global footprint to other untapped markets across the globe.”

Mohy Shams, Corporate Sales Director, Gartner, said: “We are very excited to provide our strategic support and expert insights with the aim to help Avanza achieve greater levels of innovation, business performance and greater market share in Avanza’s existing territories and also help Avanza in replicating past successes in other regions across the globe.”