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Avanza showcases latest innovations at the “Smarter Customer Engagement Road Show” by MFI

Kampala — Uganda: Team Avanza exhibited their latest innovations at the “Smarter Customer Engagement Road Show” organized by MFI.

The event attracted stakeholders from the industry, from players and policy makers to influencers. MFI hosted the event to create a single forum where thought leaders could discuss best practices and develop a shared vision for the future

Held at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala, the road show constituted key notes, discussions, and addresses on the potential of modern and smarter customer engagement practices. Covering different aspects of engagement ranging from solutions, practices, and enabling seamless experiences, the event highlighted key issues and opportunities.

Data has quickly become a vast and valuable resource in today, smarter engagement relies heavily on data and how that data is harnessed to identify real value for consumers and utilizing the best channels to deliver that value.

Team Avanza also showcased Unison – Enterprise-wide CRM and Customer Experience Platform and Cipher – Blockchain Implementation. The team discussed how governments and organizations need to understand customer behavior. Avanza’s focus on seamless experience is powered by technology that is designed to integrate all consumer touch points, analyze customer engagements, and ultimately creating an Omni solution to identify trends and uncover in-depth behavioral insights.

Avanza has already won projects from building a Blockchain-based reconciliation and settlement engine for the Dubai Government’s Department of Finance to developing an AI and Blockchain-based emergency response nerve center for Dubai’s Health Authority.

Mr. Jawad Qureshi (Global Head of Sales – Avanza Solutions) said, “At Avanza we strive to provide real Value to all, from our clients to ultimately the end users. We enable our clients to utilize data extracted from all touchpoints to identify actual insights that help them serve their consumers better and more effectively. This event is a great platform for technology providers, organizations, and governments to come together and establish a shared vision for the future.”

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Rai (Chief Technology Officer – MFI) said, “We are delighted to see that level response the road show has received. Customer Engagement is the key to creating sustainable and lasting businesses, leveraging technology to provide a seamless customer experience can help organizations connect better with their target audiences.”

About MFI:

MFI is an IT integration firm, based in Uganda, with operations across sub-Saharan countries. With the aim to add value to businesses through the latest technologies, MFI serves its customers by providing infrastructure, enterprise applications, and other services. With 35 years of experience, MFI has established presence in 19 countries in the African region.