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Avanza powers Housing Finance Banks bid to become the best in region

By February 23, 2016 No Comments

Established in 1967 as a private limited company and licensed in 2007 as a commercial bank, Housing Finance Bank has been ambitiously working to maintain its growth and success. HFB is now pursuing aggressive growth strategies to further the bank’s position in the market, the success of which depends on technological prerequisites like next-gen switching solutions and robust transaction processing systems. Avanza was chosen to cement the core building block of HFB’s e-infrastructure strategy. With a state-of-the-art Self Service & Transaction Processing product portfolio, high service levels, and a strong presence in the African region, Avanza is well equipped and geared to power such an infrastructure.

Avanza’s Novus will serve as the front-end for all consumer interactions at HFB ATMs and POS terminals backed by Rendezvous as the enterprise bus for all transaction processing requirements, with Vision responsible for debit card production and end-to-end monitoring and management of the solution. Avanza will be enable HFB to provide an omni-channel experience by extending services to new channels and back-end systems across all touchpoints.

“Technology is the cornerstone for any ambitious bank, I am pleased to sign Avanza as our technology partner as we move towards the next phase of our company’s history. I am sure with this initiative we will be able to reach out to new segments and provide best-in-class services while setting examples for the industry as a whole.”

Mr. Mathias Katamba – Managing Director & CEO – HFB