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Avanza/Networld Upgrades e-infrastructure at AB Bank Limited, Bangladesh

By December 28, 2017 No Comments



AB Bank Limited (ABBL) has chosen to upgrade its existing e-infrastructure with the latest versions of Rendezvous (Enterprise Financial Middleware) and Vision (Card Reporting System).

ABBL has been operating in Bangladesh for over 35 years, providing a wide range of banking and financial services. With the drive to become a truly innovative and technology-driven bank in the country, ABBL has a footprint of 105 branches and 270+ ATMS in Bangladesh.

To excel in the modern and technological era, ABBL has been especially focused on gearing up its backend systems with the latest technologies to ensure a lasting and superior customer experience. With that vision, ABBL has upgraded its existing backend systems to create a more robust and scalable e-infrastructure.

Avanza Solutions/Networld will upgrade the banks existing infrastructure to the latest PADSS Certified Versions of Rendezvous (Enterprise Financial Middleware) and Vision (Card Reporting System); enhancing compatibility with other major schemes, maximizing availability, and increased agility to offer new services. Besides PADSS Certification, Database Independence, EMV, built-in adapters of Visa/ MasterCard/UPI/JCB, 64 Bit Support, High Availability, Built-in support of Web Services/XML/Jason, Latest Operating System/Database/Application Server Support; the upgraded versions of these products also support STIP (Stand in Processing) mode through which Vision will maintain the updated account balances when the host goes offline. Rendezvous maintains these transactions in SAF (Store and Forward) during STIP mode to assure 100% guaranteed message delivery.

Avanza’s advanced banking solutions are tailored for the banking industry and in compliance with the latest industry standards.

Mr. Reazul Islam (Head of IT & eBiz Division – AB Bank Limited) said, “At AB Bank Limited our vision is to provide our consumers with a banking products and services that enrich their lives. Avanza’s focus on technology and innovation makes them a good fit for ABBL as we are driven to provide the best products and service using truly innovative technologies and solutions.”

Mr. Muhammad Jawad Qureshi (Global Business Development Head – Avanza Solutions) said, “At Avanza, we are driven by innovation, driven by the desire to stay at the cutting edge. This drive enables us to establish synergies with our clients who share our beliefs to create industry shaping infrastructures. With ABBL, we have a perfect environment to create a real difference in the industry.”

Captain Saifur Rahman (Managing Director – Networld Bangladesh Limited) said, “Being Avanza’s Technology Partner for Bangladesh; we form a natural fit to create solutions that enable banks to  offer innovative services and create real value for consumers. Our combined drive for progress and innovation backed by our industry expertise enables us to provide technology that can make lasting changes in the industry.”