Ajman Bank Signs Agreement with Avanza Solutions for an End-to-End Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

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Ajman Bank has entered into an agreement with Avanza Solutions to set up a complete omni-channel platform, consisting of a digital banking solution and an orchestration engine, to transform its banking experience and roll out new services at a quicker pace. Present at the signing ceremony were Mr. Mahmood Kapurwala, CEO, Avanza Solutions; Mr. Kashif Amin Thakkur, Head of Consumer Banking, Ajman Bank; and other key members of the management from both organizations.

Mr. Amiri, said, “The Omni-channel approach forms the core of our business strategy with the goal of providing holistic customer experience. Our partnership with Avanza Solutions will enable us to deliver a comprehensive suite of digital banking capabilities with new and enhanced business functionalities that will ease efficiency and accessibility at every step of the customer journey.”

Omni-channel is a major milestone in Ajman Bank’s digitalization journey and will provide customers a fresh user experience across all digital channels with enhanced and seamless services. This latest development will revolutionize the customer experience and will enable transferring branch services to digital channels. Customers will also be able to access Ajman Bank services such as rewards platform and deals and discounts through single Ajman Bank digital platform.

Mr. Kashif Amin Thakkur, Head of Consumer Banking, Ajman Bank, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Avanza in order to migrate to next-gen digital experience for our customers. Omni Channel Platform is at the core of our digital strategy and will allow the customers to access our banking, loyalty and deals platform through single sign-on. At Ajman Bank we are committed to delivering the best in class digital banking services to our customers that would make their banking experience simpler, faster and more secure.”

Mr. Muhammad Irfan, Head of Sales ME, Avanza Solutions, said, “We have always strived to push the boundaries, to create, innovate and help our clients deliver more to users. It is that core belief that has driven us to create modern up-to-date solutions for our customers. Our solutions are designed to elevate the banking experience, create lasting advantages for our clients, and extend the reach of business.”

Avanza’s Symmetry, an Omni-channel Digital Banking Platform, consists of its flagship Rendezvous (Enterprise Orchestration Engine) and Ambit box (Web & Mobile Platform) solutions.

Rendezvous is a PA-DSS certified orchestration engine, which unites all online banking channels. The state-of-the-art solution is designed to orchestrate all types of information across all systems in the online banking channel. Rendezvous enables Ajman Bank to service customers in the same way across any channel with ease creating an omnichannel experience for consumers. The bank can also add other external systems to its e-infrastructure conveniently, without having to resort to any rework or development.

Ambit Box is a comprehensive online banking platform for both retail and corporate banking services with native mobile apps as well for mobility.

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