Avanza Group comprises of organizations that provide solutions cutting across industries and sectors, while operating with the same vision to enrich every day life

Channel Banking

Any successful banking institution requires efficient backend systems working in sync with well-designed and effective front end channels, and service quality is greatly determined by how well the two operate and coexist.

With today’s consumers becoming more convenience-oriented, banking has moved to avenues like e-banking, automated services, and mobile banking services. Avanza’s state-of-the-art products enable banks and financial institutions to create robust e-infrastructures, increase reach, and ensure a seamless experience every time.

Customer Experience

Consumers are loyal to experiences more than anything else, that’s why brands have to ensure that their product/service experience is the best. Consumer satisfaction is something that has to be monitored and measured, which not only creates opportunities for pre-emptive initiatives but also helps in understanding and identifying problems.

Avanza’s customer experience management portfolio enables institutions to deliver the best experience through customized services, extensive monitoring, and empowering operations to complement the value chain.


Organizations need to embrace the transformative power of the blockchain. But as is with any new technology the road to adoption is steep. We help firms move past ideation and towards adoption quickly.

Our blockchain implementation platform is built with the future in mind, which is platform agnostic and can ride on any underlying blockchain technology, like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple etc.

Our blockchain platform builds UI/UX that can lead to much greater user engagement and acts as an orchestration layer – one that helps move silo-based structures into a more refined interconnected solution on the blockchain. Our platform also forms the governance layers for your organisation where any changes to the blockchain fabric do not have an impact on the real-time performance of your technology.


Our robust digital platforms connect Merchants, Aggregators, Market places, Billers, Commercial & Micro Finance Banks to offer real-time online transactions by accepting multiple payment instruments i.e Debit Card, PrePaid Card, Virtual Card, Bank Account, QR, NFC and Mobile Wallets.

AI/Cognitive Applications

Our world is rapidly evolving and as is with evolution comes disruption. The AI disruption being dubbed the next industrial revolution has the capacity to change how we work and to leave a lot of jobs effectively redundant. The only acceptable way forward is to embrace the transformative power of AI and use it in building jobs of the future.

Our Artificial Intelligence platforms are built with the objective of synergizing organizations with latest AI tools and technologies. Our products work as the governance and orchestration layers that links various AI engines to public and private sector organization use cases.